CFDs and spread bets are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
68.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and spread bets with this provider.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs (spread bets) work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin can now be traded

Where will the crypto markets go from here?

Do you believe the crypto markets will continue the recent drop? Have they just found a new and more natural level? Or will they bounce back up in the coming months as all the negative news about crypto currencies blow away?

No matter what you believe in, you can now trade Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin on SpreadMarket as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

All five are fast moving cryptocurrencies that offers interesting opportunities for traders. For this reason, we have expanded our product portfolio. They can now be traded on SpreadMarket as a CFDs and as a spread bets. Trading them as a CFD means that you can participate in the market with no wallet required.

Key information for trading crypto currencies on SpreadMarket:

  • Trading times: 2205h Sunday to 2200h Friday (GMT)
  • Available vs USD
  • Margin rate is 50%
  • Dynamic spread from 1.25%

We wish you the best of success with your trading,

Your SpreadMarket Team

Weekly Forex report now available for free to all customers

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into agreements with several very succesful traders to get their weekly insights into the Forex markets in English and Danish language (more languages being added).

Every weekend we will share their analysis on major currency pairs and send it to your e-mail. It usually goes out on Sunday nights.

Content in the weekly Forex report

Below you can see examples of the content in the weekly Forex report

Summary of major financial news

First of all, it contains a summary of the upcoming financial news that could affect the markets in the coming week. This could look something like this:

Source: MyFxbook

Source: MyFxbook

Where is the money going?

Then there is an overview of the relative strength in the entire market, showing which currencies are in a strong trend towards most of the other currencies. This tells us a lot about where the “big players” are putting their money right now.

Currency groups

One of the really nice features of the Forex report is that it shows all currencies in separate groups. For instance the USD-group shows the following pairs: USDEUR, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDGBP, USDCAD, USDNZD and USDAUD.

As you can see the pairs are turned in a way so all of them starts out with USD/XX. This gives a fantastic overview of the underlying trend among all USD traders. If all the USD-pairs turn up or down at the same time we know that it’s time to look for either long or short trades with USD.

In the end of each currency group the report shows a combined index for the currency. This gives a good combined overview of all the currencies added up, which looks like this for the USD group:

Trade example

To give you an idea of how our readers use this report we can show you this example:

Here we have two clear trends. A bull trend in USD shown in the first chart and an overall bear trend in CAD. Both are showed with the combined currency index for each currency:



Here is a number of trades that was taken by several of our readers:

Here the traders know to look for a long in USD and a short in CAD which made USD/CAD a perfect combination for long. Using the report they know that waiting for a retracement in USDCAD was a great idea as long as USD was strong and CAD was weak.

Here you see the potential trades in dailys and 4hr charts. But many traders use the report to get ideas for their trading on short time frames as well like 1hr chart and 15min chart.

Ethereum now available on SpreadMarket

Ethereum – The Programmable Money

The value of Ethereum has risen significantly since its launch in 2015 as interest in the digital currency continues to increase. At a price of 870.76 USD and current market cap of 85.3 billion USD, it is the second most valued cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

And now you can trade it on

Ethereum (ETH) is a fast moving cryptocurrency that offers interesting opportunities for traders. For this reason, we have expanded our product portfolio. Ethereum can be traded on SpreadMarket as a CFD and as a spread bet. Trading Ethereum as a CFD means that you can participate in the market with no wallet required.

Key information for trading Ethereum on SpreadMarket:

  • Trading times: 2205h Sunday to 2200h Friday (GMT)
  • Ethereum available vs USD
  • Margin rate is 50%
  • Dynamic spread is 1.25%

We wish you the best of success with your trading,

Your SpreadMarket Team

Get up to 25% bonus with the VIP Bonus Program

Today we are proud to announce our VIP Bonus Program catering for the SpreadMarket trading platform.

For any future, new or existing client trading on the SpreadMarket platform a bonus of up to 25% will be possible for all deposits made before October 31st, 2017.

VIP Bonus Program Details
Our bonus program is an offer to VIP clients and not an instrument to attract new traders to the trading platform.

The bonus tiers are (USD/GBP/EUR):
10.000-14.999: 15% bonus
15.000-25.000: 20% bonus
Above 25.000: 25% bonus

To be able to withdraw the bonus from your account, the accumulated spread paid on all trades placed from the time the bonus is credited into your account must exceed 3 times the bonus amount.

If for instance you have deposited €10.000, you get a total bonus of €1.500. Before withdrawing the €1.500, you have to have generated a total spread of minimum 3 x €1.500, totalling €4.500.

Contrary to many other bonus programs we have no time limit as to how quickly you should generate the spread. You can trade in your own pace and withdraw the bonus, whenever you choose so, assuming the requirements are met. Furthermore, we refer to our terms and conditions for more information about our bonus program.

How to claim your bonus?

New customers with SpreadMarket must open an account and deposit the desired amount into their trading account followed by sending an e-mail to with information about you for full name and account number. We will then activate the bonus immediately after.

Existing customers can follow the same procedure and get a bonus on any new deposit. Remember to contact us and let us know about your information, so we can activate the bonus immediately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SpreadMarket offer Bitcoin CFD-trading

Bitcoins is very interesting market for active traders due to the large price movements and we are very excited to announce that from today it is possible to trade Bitcoins via CFD’s on SpreadMarket.

Practical information about the Bitcoin CFD

For CFDs, we quote the mini contract only which is equivalent to $/£/E 10 per point (depending on the currency pair traded). Significant point is the final digit before the decimal point.

Spread is floating and floored at 15 and capped at 20 – and likely we will be 15 most of the time. Margin rate is 15%.

Trading times are 10 PM Sunday to 10 PM Friday.

Trader Day in Denmark

On May 27th we sponsored the first Trader Day in Denmark at the beautiful Munkebjerg Hotel overlooking the Fjord of Vejle.

Together with we hosted 40 succesful day traders for a full day event consisting of trading strategy presentations, social trading strategies, tactics for using statistics in day trading, as well as a presentation of the SpreadMarket platform and many new features in the pipeline.

What an exciting day it was!

The feedback from the participants was outstanding – and will soon revert with another Trader Day event in Denmark.