Where will the crypto markets go from here?

Do you believe the crypto markets will continue the recent drop? Have they just found a new and more natural level? Or will they bounce back up in the coming months as all the negative news about crypto currencies blow away?

No matter what you believe in, you can now trade Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin on SpreadMarket as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

All five are fast moving cryptocurrencies that offers interesting opportunities for traders. For this reason, we have expanded our product portfolio. They can now be traded on SpreadMarket as a CFDs and as a spread bets. Trading them as a CFD means that you can participate in the market with no wallet required.

Key information for trading crypto currencies on SpreadMarket:

  • Trading times: 2205h Sunday to 2200h Friday (GMT)
  • Available vs USD
  • Margin rate is 50%
  • Dynamic spread from 1.25%

We wish you the best of success with your trading,

Your SpreadMarket Team