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We are pleased to announce that we have entered into agreements with several very succesful traders to get their weekly insights into the Forex markets in English and Danish language (more languages being added).

Every weekend we will share their analysis on major currency pairs and send it to your e-mail. It usually goes out on Sunday nights.

Content in the weekly Forex report

Below you can see examples of the content in the weekly Forex report

Summary of major financial news

First of all, it contains a summary of the upcoming financial news that could affect the markets in the coming week. This could look something like this:

Source: MyFxbook

Source: MyFxbook

Where is the money going?

Then there is an overview of the relative strength in the entire market, showing which currencies are in a strong trend towards most of the other currencies. This tells us a lot about where the “big players” are putting their money right now.

Currency groups

One of the really nice features of the Forex report is that it shows all currencies in separate groups. For instance the USD-group shows the following pairs: USDEUR, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDGBP, USDCAD, USDNZD and USDAUD.

As you can see the pairs are turned in a way so all of them starts out with USD/XX. This gives a fantastic overview of the underlying trend among all USD traders. If all the USD-pairs turn up or down at the same time we know that it’s time to look for either long or short trades with USD.

In the end of each currency group the report shows a combined index for the currency. This gives a good combined overview of all the currencies added up, which looks like this for the USD group:

Trade example

To give you an idea of how our readers use this report we can show you this example:

Here we have two clear trends. A bull trend in USD shown in the first chart and an overall bear trend in CAD. Both are showed with the combined currency index for each currency:



Here is a number of trades that was taken by several of our readers:

Here the traders know to look for a long in USD and a short in CAD which made USD/CAD a perfect combination for long. Using the report they know that waiting for a retracement in USDCAD was a great idea as long as USD was strong and CAD was weak.

Here you see the potential trades in dailys and 4hr charts. But many traders use the report to get ideas for their trading on short time frames as well like 1hr chart and 15min chart.